Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A quality law firm website?

You shouldn't assume that yesterday's boilerplate law firm website, which you probably already overvalue, will maintain its search engine performance or get the best price through Google's "pay per click" AdWords service unless you pay some attention to quality. There are aspects of quality you may expect - adding content to the site helps. If all you have is the web designer's initial boilerplate, think about adding some original material.

It is safe to assume that your site already has a "contact us" feature of some sort - consider a "contact us" page. Does your site have a privacy policy? What about external links - I'm not suggesting that you send your visitors off to other websites or your competitors, but apparently this is now factored into your site's algorithmically determined quality so you may wish to consider adding some links to legal reference sites, government offices, courts, or other similar resources your visitors might find useful.

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