Sunday, July 09, 2006

CleanFlicks Struts Its Stuff

I read about the judicial shut-down of CleanFlicks on (where it's referenced as CleanFlix), and thought I would take a look at their site to see what the fuss was about. They claim that their editing is pretty seamless (you don't realize that you're watching an edited DVD), and they seem intent on demonstrating their prowess right on their main page.

Is this a seamlessly cleaned up polygamous family from HBO's "Big Love"?

Note that they also depict this family's house - which is very large with a three car garage. Three cars? Could it be a combination of the three neighboring houses (one for each wife) from Big Love? A news article explains,
As many as 90 video stores nationwide -- about half of them in Utah -- purchase movies from CleanFlicks, Lines said. It's unclear how the ruling may effect those stores.
There you go....

(Insert here any obligatory apologies to the good citizens of Utah.)

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