Saturday, July 22, 2006

Is Strength Like "Cool"?

If I remember my studies from Fonzerelli 101... If you're cool, you don't wonder if you're cool - you just are If you wonder if you're cool, you're most certainly not cool.

Does the same hold true of people who spend countless hours wondering whether something will make them "look weak"? Are the truly strong predisposed to this type of internal (or public) debate? Can a truly strong person walk away from a debacle because he isn't afraid that people will think he's weak - or doesn't care, because he knows they're wrong? Is part of strength not fearing being called or perceived as weak?

Can you truly be a strong leader if your biggest fear in life is a proliferation of bumper stickers reading "W Stands For Wimp"?


  1. I think any further attacks by the USA on any other nations would be the Fonzi equivalent of "jumping the shark"

  2. Rumor has it, then, that Bush plans to "jump the shark" shortly before the upcoming election.


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