Friday, April 15, 2005

"Excuse me - did you drop, um, $10,000.00 in the parking lot?

While parking at Showcase Cinemas for a matinee of... well, "Grandma's babysitting, so anything's good" (and that does seem to be how we pick movies now that we have a baby)... I noticed something a bit unusual in the next space over. It looked a bit like play money, being the size of regular currency but a pink and red color. And a bit charred.... And, for that matter, banded with five "$2,000" paper bands, representing $10,000.00 in $20 bills. (Or, more correctly, an ink bomb disguised as $10,000.00 in $20 bills.)

We notified the police. We hope that they catch the crooks... dare I say, red-handed?

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  1. Your storytelling needs a lot of work, pal. Your poor little kid.

    Good thing her mom is a good embellisher.


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