Saturday, April 16, 2005

... Just Like Magic

Looking for an update on yesterday's unexpected discovery of cash, I find....
A man who robbed an Ann Arbor bank Friday afternoon lost most of the cash due to exploding dye packs, police said. ... A dye pack in the bag exploded before he could escape, staining the money and dispersing a tearing agent into the lobby.

The man, who wore a plastic mask that covered his mouth and nose, along with clear goggles, then demanded access to the vault while pointing his gun at the manager's head, said Senior Special Agent Greg Stejskal of the Ann Arbor FBI office.

He fled with another bag of cash also containing a dye pack that activated in the parking lot. Witnesses said he then got into a waiting car described as a silver four-door sedan that was last seen heading south on Pittsfield Boulevard. ...

[Detective Sgt. Rich] Kinsey said contaminated cash was found by a resident several blocks south of the bank late Friday afternoon, and Pittsfield Township police officers located more contaminated bills in the Showcase Cinemas parking lot along Carpenter road.
They found it all by themselves? Why do I feel like Rodney Dangerfield? ;-)

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