Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bought You Once, Shame On You... Bought You Twice....

The Republican nutters who detest the fact that their party still contains conservatives are, apparently, holding conventions. Among the whiners, "Michael P. Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association":
Farris then told the crowd he is "sick and tired of having to lobby people I helped get elected."
Darn it all, why won't those pesky politicians just stay bought.


  1. Bought? Nah. This is America. We don't have bought officials. They just accept the money. If they happen to pander to special interest groups, it's just coincidental that these special interest groups send millions of dollars their way. Really. It's just a big coincidence. Really.

  2. This guy is clearly some kind of Commie. What's wrong with a free market, where politicians are at liberty to resell their votes to the highest bidder?

  3. He may well be a commie - he certainly seems to have a fetish for Stalin.


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