Monday, October 21, 2013

Senator Jim Inhofe, Dishonest, Irresponsible Demagogue

I see that Jim Inhofe is lying about ObamaCare.
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) told the radio station WABC on Sunday he may not have been granted his recent emergency quadruple bypass heart surgery if he was insured under Obamacare, BuzzFeed reported.

"You are talking to someone right now who probably wouldn’t be here if we had socialized medicine in America," he said on host Aaron Klein's radio show, referring to Obamacare.

Inhofe, 79, told Klein he discovered he needed immediate heart surgery for clogged arteries after going in for a routine colonoscopy, and that had he been in a country with “socialized medicine like Obama is trying to impose upon America,” the operation might have been unavailable.
As even a half-informed half-wit would know, coronary bypass surgery is performed as a matter of routine in nations with socialized medicine. But more than that... And such a person would likely also realize that, despite irresponsible demagoguery from people like Inhofe, Obamacare involves the purchase of insurance from private insurance companies. Surely Inhofe can still generate enough sparks between his neurons to understand the difference between buying insurance from a private company, even if pursuant to a mandate, and "socialized medicine."

Inhofe has two taxpayer-funded insurance policies. The first is the insurance the taxpayers provide to him through his employment as a U.S. Senator. Second, he is the beneficiary of a truly socialized health insurance plan, the extremely popular program called Medicare. Nothing about his coverage is going to materially change on January 1. He would still have his two taxpayer-funded policies, and with coordination of coverage it was likely the socialized Medicare program that paid for his recent surgery and that would pay for it had his need arisen next year.

You know what? Let's toss ObamaCare out the window, and give everybody exactly what Jim Inhofe enjoys - government paid health insurance on top of government-paid Medicare coverage. Deal?


  1. Did the colonoscopy show clogged arteries in his brain as well?


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