Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"You're Not Doing Any Online Marketing?"

For goodness sake, salespeople, do your homework.

I received a "follow-up" call to an email that probably triggered my spam filter, from a major publishing company that was pitching "web marketing solutions". I indicated that I was not interested, which triggered the response, "So you're not doing any online marketing?"

Technically speaking, I suppose, there's something to that. I haven't been trying to recruit legal business online for quite a few years, and my online marketing materials are thus way out of date. But I do happen to run some legal websites that, although not as well-trafficked as those of the biggest legal publishers (with their large staffs and multi-million dollar advertising budgets) do manage to get their fair share of web traffic. When your primary website, through which you market thousands of lawyers, gets roughly three times the traffic of my primary website, you should know that up front and think about whether "You're not doing any online marketing?" is the right question.

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