Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Justin Bieber's (Reported) Spitting Problem

Over at my forum, a visitor described having Justin Bieber spit in his face,
This past Friday night, Justin Bieber, came to the club I was DJing at. I was opening for his tour DJ, DJ Tay James, and afterward I was allowed to stay in the VIP area and be on standby to take over for him once he finished his set. Bieber showed up at around 1:00a and stayed until 2:30a. I was called back down to the VIP area at around 2:00a to be ready and waiting for Tay James to get done. He decided to stay on until around 2:30a (closing time for the club) At around 2:15a, I was approached by two of Bieber's bodyguards and was accused of taking pictures of Justin Bieber, apparently there were no pictures allowed of him, I'm assuming because he's not the legal age to be inside of a club. In any case, they took my phone from me and went through my phone, there were obviously no pics of bieber, but i did have some photos I took when I was on the stage and I was DJing, much much earlier in the night, at around 11:30p - 12:15a. So they pulled me back into the kitchen area, which wasn't much farther away from where Bieber's VIP area was located. Bieber got wind of the situation and as he was making his way out of the club, he came up to me and said to my face "Your mother's a bitch, your father's a bitch, and you're a bitch." and then spit directly into my face. Not near my face, not on the ground, right in my eyes nose and mouth, and then he walked out. It happened so fast I had zero time to react.
There were several witnesses to the incident, but the man asking the question was concerned that if he reported it the witnesses might not back him up and his employers would not like the resulting negative publicity.
Two of the club owners were in the back area in the kitchen. They were right there and saw it happen. I'm not sure if there were any other witnesses or if there was surveillance footage of the incident...The problem I have is the altercation and the publicity this might negatively bring to that place. I'm afraid any witnesses wouldn't come forward or testify. And that I'm screwed if I even bring this up to them, even though they did see it happen.
Then the story broke, through the actions of one of the witnesses:
oh boy. this just got interesting... apparently a prominent radio station in Columbus is saying that they have a witness who saw this happen... and now they want to interview me...
TMZ has picked up the story. A radio show host saw a report of the incident posted to Facebook by a witness, and investigated.
Bieber's official rep refused to comment -- but a source in JB's camp tells TMZ, "Everything's been going really well on the tour and it's just really sad that someone would copycat others' baseless claims just to try and get attention for themselves."
What do you make of the disconnect between the Bieber camp's denial and the manner in which the incident actually came to the attention of the media?

I can feel sorry for Bieber and the choices of the adults in his life that led his emotional maturity seemingly being frozen in time the moment he became a celebrity, but he's a grown-up now. Whether or not you believe this occurred, can you deny that it's well past time Bieber started acting his age? He's nineteen, so it's not like that should be a particularly high bar for him to reach.

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