Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wash Your Hands After You Do That

Last year at a truck stop restroom a burly trucker type opened the restroom door with a paper towel and, almost apologetically, explained to me that it's necessary because so many people don't wash their hands. (Another little hygiene tip, the faucet handles on non-automatic restroom sinks, are even worse.) No need to apologize. (With about 2/3 of men washing their hands at the low end, frankly, I'm surprised the numbers of hand-washers was so high.)

On a related note, news from a few months back about "please wash your hands" signs in restroms:
"Female hand rinsing went down once the sign was placed, and their hand washing went up," Johnson said in an interview with Reuters Health.

But men, he added, "relatively stayed the same, regardless of the situation."
A small sample size, but still....

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