Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Starting To Like Christine O'Donnell

Not to say I would vote for her, but with every nutty thing she's ever said being pulled out of her past, I admit it. She has a certain charm. Seriously, check out her 'notorious' video:
Look at the smile she serves up in this "mice with human brains" article.

For the most part, her brand of "crazy" seems to be well-meaning, borne of limited experience and intellectual curiosity, not mean-spirited or truly insane.

At one time or another, and at one level or another, haven't we all had a friend like this? A person who has a strong opinion on everything and substantive knowledge about... next to nothing? But they're amusing. If O'Donnell smoked pot, odds are she would be what we call a "granola hippie". "Hey dude, did you know that the man... the man has developed mice with human brains? Really, dude. And all we have to do to eliminate poverty is raise minimum wage to $40 grand a year! Think about it...." All those visits to "Politically Incorrect" and Bill Maher never got her to take even a single toke? (No offense, Bill, even though she's not a blonde it's hard to believe you wouldn't have tried.)



  1. And it's just be learned, she's a libertarian on the war on drugs.

    She hung out with the Libertarian Party of Delaware, and told them, the feds need to "stay out" on marijuana.

    Bet you won't see that reported in the liberal ODDS (O'Donnell Derangement Symdrome) media.

  2. Maybe Maher made more of an impression than I had thought. ;)

  3. There's a call to have a masturbate to Christine O'Donnell day (with suitable male substitution for us girls). Interestingly, I once had a student who celebrated that in my class. Who knew he was ahead of his time?

  4. "No, I won't worry, and I won't fret,
    Ain't no law against it yet"


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