Friday, January 01, 2010

Top Posts of 2009

Looking back on 2009, the most popular posts for visitors to this blog (excluding people reading through the RSS feed) were:
  1. Amendment vs. Revision of the California Constitution - pondering whether the amendment process for the California Constitution should be amended. (Really, it should be. What a tangled mess they've made.)

  2. Does "Teach for America" Suck? - Give a post an inflammatory title and people just keep coming. ;-)

  3. Cue the Final Jeopardy Music - is it that people want to read about Richard Cohen's poor reasoning, or are they actually looking for the music?

  4. Dennis Prager's Conservative Man's Guide to Sex - "On the other hand, if she's already in bed...."

  5. AIG's Long History of Responsible Conduct - "Mistakes were made".

  6. A Teach for America Ambush Interview - I personally think TFA should get over itself and offer better support to struggling corps members, as in them become successful.

  7. The "Least Bad" Solution to Illegal Drugs - Is decriminalization or even legalization better than the status quo? Could it be worse?

  8. Michelle Rhee's Secret Plan for Teacher Pay - We don't hear much any more, about the giant raises Rhee was going to give to teachers for giving up tenure.

  9. Medicare vs. Private Plans - But perhaps the real problem, for some pundits, is that (other) people have health insurance at all.

  10. "Direct Government Subsidies" as the "Conservative" Solution to Health Care - A flashback to the earlier days of the healthcare reform debate, during which time conservative commentators were demonstrating a distinct lack of ideas. Plus ├ža change....

Happy New Year.

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