Sunday, January 24, 2010

Such an... Insight

Why is it that the self-professed "smartest people in the room" often seem more tedious than insightful?
But Avatar replaces dreams with wish-fulfilment. It has shocks, but programmatically excludes surprises. From time to time, when the explosions were particularly soothing, I would take off my 3D glasses and look around the audience. The place was crammed. Their black plastic glasses all faced the front. Their hand moved mechanically to the ice-creams, the popcorn, and the nachos on their laps (£6.80 with a big tub of sugary drink for free). They thought they were seeing a lesson about ecology and the perils of greed.
Yes, Andrew. Everybody but you is a mindless drone, incapable of seeing the flaws of Avatar and absorbing the movie as if it's a deep parable, which no doubt is why yours is the first critical essay on the film (except for all the others). Thanks for sharing.

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