Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wow, Google's Fast....

Not so many years back you would put content up on the web, wait for evidence that a search engine had spidered your site, then wait a few months for it to start showing up in search engine results. Google put an end to all that, and has brought us something close to instant gratification....

That post I put up earlier today (on Legal Media Relations) sorta poking fun at a web PR guy and his "authoritarian" web presence? It's presently showing up for "legal media relations" in Google - in the number three spot, behind that guy's principal sites. You heard it here first, folks: The stopped clock is now displayed in five or more first--page, top-10 results (although I'm still not sure what that means).

The lesson of the day: Don't suggest that there's skill involved in ranking for a search phrase for which you have no competition.

Update (Sept. 29): Easy come, easy go. There's apparently still a "freshbot" phenomenon in Google, which makes sense, giving a temporary boost to the newest content its spiders find. I still rank for the phrase "legal media relations", but now on page two of the SERPs.

Update (Oct. 4): Easy go, easy come? I'm back in spot #3 for "legal media relations" in Google.

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