Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Ultimate Measure of Everything

Apparently, Google's search suggestions....
For now, though, the banks still threaten to consume the Obama presidency. Indeed, I’m sorry to report that if you just type two letters into Google — “b-a” — the first thing that comes up is not Barack Obama. It’s “Bank of America.” Barack Obama is third.
And if you type in "Thomas", Thomas Cook is first - lots of Brits want to explore the flatness of the Earth, I guess.... Thomas the Tank Engine is third. Thomas Friedman? Well below the flat case goods of Thomasville Furniture and the flat canvases of Thomas Kincade, sandwiched at eighth place between Thomas Pink and Thomas Jane.

For what it's worth.

Which... honestly... isn't much more than Friedman's other observation that when you type in the letters "MERE", Meredith Whitney beats out the next suggestion for the top spot.... merengue. A foodstuff almost as fluffy as Friedman's analysis.

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