Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Like A Black Hole Than A Supernova

What happens when you punch a hole through Joe Scarborough's veneer of narcissism on-the-air? Something like this?

Poor Joe - let down by all the publications he reads. If only the New York Times had published an article about the negotiations that he didn't know occurred. Here's an article that obviously didn't appear in the Washington Post. And what a shame it is that Foreign Affairs didn't publish this.


  1. It's kind of amusing the way that his partner (the speaker's daughter) stayed out of that conversation (other than trying to move it along at the end.)

    It also walks that fine line between ignorance and deception that Aaron discussed in an earlier posting.


  2. I think this was an example of good, old-fashioned ignorance. And arrogance. Joe, pumped up with a memo from his research staff, thinks he knows more about international affairs than Zbigniew Brzezinski, and ends up looking the fool.

    I don't watch Scarborough's show, but from what I have seen of his appearances on other shows he is, as compared to his peers, pretty reasonable. He has a decent sense of humor, and doesn't appear beholden to either his party (having retired from Congress) or any particular "conservative" faction. But, no doubt, he has a ginormous ego.


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