Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creative Soaps

It's a bit too late to order for Christmas, but other opportunities will arise. We received some of these hand-crafted soaps as a gift, and they're pretty cool.


  1. The Great Sleep12/23/08, 3:57 PM

    There are some interesting novelty soaps there. I've never really seen anything that elaborate ... "mint chocolate chip" soap? Thanks for the link, don't know if I'll buy anything.

  2. It's a soap in the style (and scent) of ice-cream. Our four-year-old has a bar, and loves it.

  3. I bought a bar of peppermint soap from the farmers market. I must confess that, while showering, I had an irresistible impulse to taste it. I resisted though, but I was so tempted.

  4. Well then, if you like mint chocolate chip (or neapolitan) ice cream, I suggest not buying those particular soaps. ;-)

    The neapolitan is pretty amazing, actually - each section smells amazingly like the appropriate flavor of ice cream.


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