Friday, August 01, 2008

The Great Equalizer

Consider taking a moment to honor the bar exam.


  1. Yep, it's been 11 years (!!) for me, but I still pause on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in July. I cried all the way home, certain I'd failed. When the results came in THREE MF'ING MONTHS LATER (on Halloween, no less), I peed in my pants a little when I saw "...based on this scored, you have PASSED the Michigan State Bar Exam." I slept with that letter for a few nights, certain that the Bar people were going to storm my bedroom and tell me I'd really failed.
    I don't practice any more (obviously) and hope never to again, but I wouldn't get rid of my P# (56995) for anything. Btw, there is some guy whose license plate is PNUMBER. That'd be cool for like a day after you got it, but after that, it's kinda lame.
    (I hope that's not you Aaron, who has that license plate!!!) :)

  2. My P Number is a Michigan zip code. Meaning that about one per year I get a court notice intended for some other lawyer, because somehow his zip code was entered into the court computer instead of a P Number. (It wouldn't be so bad if it were the zip code of a tiny rural town, but it's Troy.)

  3. I can picture courts (esp., oh say, 36th District) doing that.


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