Saturday, August 09, 2008

"But It Gets Worse...."

Why TV news in the US is utter rubbish.


  1. "So where do you get your news while living in the US? News-starved Americans usually hold up National Public Radio, NPR, as the best option. But with interlude music fresh from the 1920s and a twee, kitchen-table-chat approach, this is news wrapped in a tea cosy."

    So . . . he doesn't like the news to be to fast, cynical, or have dance music. He criticizes NPR for having "1920s" era music and being to "polite" in it's approach. (Which seems like a pretty weak set of criticisms where NPR is concerned.)

    What successful "foreign" news service does he hold up as a better example?

    It might have been interesting to hear his learned comments on "why" the news was "utter rubbish" as opposed to simply enduring his ranting about "what" he doesn't like about it. (Note that I'm not necessarily disagreeing with his observations, just pointing out that they aren't original, thoughtful, or helpful . . .)


  2. I knew he would offend an NPR addict like you. ;)

    Listen to BBC World Service on NPR (something he apparently overlooked) and you'll probably get a sense of the type of radio news he prefers.

  3. . . . but I thought the premise of his article was "why American television news" sucks.

    Does the BBC1-3 do a better job?

    I mean, clearly the topless models in their newspapers indicate the quality of journalism over there, so I just assumed the TV . . .


  4. I am not sure how Britain's tabloids relate to the quality of the BBC, but I'm sure you'll fill us in. ;-)

    Keep in mind that even CNN's international service is vastly superior to its domestic service. If history is our guide, we're also the model for the future of the rest of the world's news.


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