Monday, July 21, 2008

I Knew I Forgot Something....

Roger Cohen fills us in on his recent travel and shoulder-rubbing,
I dropped by the Élysée Palace to get a fix on things. The food was shockingly awful — tired crudités, desiccated hake, pasty potato purée — but the Château Batailley 2001 was a beauty. Seems President Nicolas Sarkozy’s too busy for solids.
I guess I forgot to enter "snacks with 'Sarko'"1 on my travel calendar.... Maybe next time. Apparently Cohen sipped a bit too much of the wine, hence his conclusion for Obama:
My advice to him is: sobriety, sobriety, sobriety.
Is it just me, or is Cohen's editorial as lacking in substance as Sarkozy's described assortment of hors d'oeuvres for the foreign media?
1. Yes, in his column, Cohen refers to President Sarkozy as "Sarko". I guess it shows that you're hip and cool?

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