Monday, January 28, 2008

That's The Problem With Civil Rights Leaders

No matter where they look, they just can't see racism. That's why we always need to have condescending, rich white men around - to set them straight.

Jesse Jackson, who supports Obama, seems to be giving the candidates some sound advice:
Still, Mr. Jackson said that he had spoken to Mr. Obama on Saturday night and to Mr. Clinton a few days earlier and that he had appealed to both to “take it to a higher ground.”

* * *

He said his chief concern was that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton not “bloody themselves” so much that they can’t unite against the Republicans in November.
With Kristol being that upset about reaching back a couple of decades to compare between Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson, what sort of racism would he infer on the part of somebody who reached back 150 years or so to compare Barack Obama to Stephen Douglas?

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