Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Bit Late, But....

The five most popular "stopped clock" posts of 2007:
  1. The "Murder" of Vince McMahon - Nothing else came close. Maybe I should convert this blog to some sort of Perez Hilton gossip fest.
  2. Unbundled Legal Services And Ghastly Legal Opinions - Apparently more than a few people agree with me.
  3. Fraud on eBay? No Kidding.... - Even after two years, this post remains remarkably popular.
  4. Internet Fraud Goes "Old School" - I guess the fraudulent use of my website name and logo was pretty widespread.
  5. Teaching People To "Think Like Lawyers" - My somewhat stream of consciousness critique of a weak editorial by legal gossip columnist Ann Althouse. (There really is something to this gossip angle.)

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