Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Lesson in History from Alan Dershowitz

As always, Alan Dershowitz "opposes" torture by arguing in favor of it.

This time around, Dershowitz writes,
There are some who claim that torture is a nonissue because it never works - it only produces false information. This is simply not true, as evidenced by the many decent members of the French Resistance who, under Nazi torture, disclosed the locations of their closest friends and relatives.
Well, there you go. It was good enough for the Nazis, so it’s good enough for Alan. (And we all know how important it was to the Nazis that they received accurate information such that they wouldn’t accidentally pick up and torture a confession out of an innocent Frenchman, thereby generating a list of other innocents to pick up and torture....)

But we can thank Dershowitz for this: Finally we know why the Nazis won WWII, and why we must embrace their winning tactics.

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