Sunday, November 11, 2007

For all the geniuses who read this weblog....

Yesterday, according to this, The Stopped Clock was written at the "Genius" level. (I could interpret that as, "You write really bad, confusing posts.")

Today I'm demoted to "Postgraduate", probably because my most recent post uses words like "Wow" and incorporates Traffic lyrics. (Or maybe it's the comment by that "CWD" guy - always dragging me down. ;-) )

Concurring Opinions shares the readability scores for an assortment of law blogs and media sites. While including media sites may be amusing, the nature of the text on a media site is quantitatively different than that on a weblog, but their inclusion provides some amusement value. And let's face it, even when applied to weblogs, these scores are primarily for amusement value.

Among the other surprises it turns out that, at least as of yesterday, the Becker-Posner blog i written as badly as mine. I mean, as well as mine. Yeah.

(I wonder how many grade levels I'll drop after this post?)

Update: Another instant demotion:

Update #2: A true test of the genius level of the author of a weblog? Perhaps whether the author edits out the spam link embedded into the "readability test" HTML.

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