Tuesday, November 07, 2006


With all of the accusations of unethical conduct circulating around "robocalls" - automated phone calls which play recorded messages to prospective voters - perhaps a good first step would be a simple change in how the sponsorship information is announced. If the sponsorship is announced up-front, it seems less likely that the candidate (or organizations supporting the candidate) will try to engage in dirty tricks. I believe this would simply involve applying existing FCC regulations to political calls - you know, the same laws which apply to everybody else. (Or do they apply, in which case these shenanigans are even more shameful.)


  1. Or better yet, we could extend the coverage of the "no call" list . . .


  2. It appears that states can create no-call lists for political robocalls, and a legislator in Michigan is proposing the creation of such a list. In your state? Good luck to you... ;-)


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