Sunday, October 01, 2006

No Child Left Behind, eh?

Let's see.... If you combine the following elements:
  • A big government solution which uses conditions on federal funding to restrict local options;
  • The imposition of a set of options which are not scientifically validated; and
  • The exclusion of options and existing programs which are scientifically validated
while simultaneously lining the pockets of government insiders.... Well, you have "business as usual" for the Bush Administration. But if you actually care about childhood education and literacy, the Bush Administration's application of "business as usual" to elementary school reading programs should give you pause.


  1. Let's see.... If you combine the following elements:A big government solution . . . options which are not scientifically validated . . . etc.

    It sounds to me like what you have is the "classic" liberal recipe for failed big government programs. The only thing worse than the fact that it was (supposedly) conservatives who fostered these programs on the American people is the fact that these "Federal" programs involve education which is supposed to be a local issue. - CWD

  2. It's hard to argue with that. Or, for that matter, that insider pockets were often lined in those days as well - I think, though, Members of Congress (but not necessary cogs in the Daley machine) were more likely to blush at the thought of excluding a charitable organization with a proven scientific methodology from the program, such that the money would flow only to their pet insiders. Or perhaps it's just the natural "progression" of our brand of government - sort of like imposing political litmus tests for the protected civil service, or imposing political appointees and lower and lower levels - it shouldn't happen, but transgressions seem to get worse with every change of administration.


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