Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've Been Traveling, So I Must Have Missed It....

What's the official explanation for the frequent announcement at Detroit Metro Airport that the terrorism alert has been raised to orange? You would think there would be useful information here, but... no.
The United States government threat level remains at Code Orange, or High for all domestic and international flights. The ban on liquids and gels in carry on baggage remains in full effect. Nationally, in other sectors, the threat level remains at Code Yellow, or Elevated.
I will give TSA credit for this - they are diligent about rounding up those rogue tubes of toothpaste and cosmetics.


  1. C'mon, this writes itself.

    10. CIA briefing reveals that Al Qaeda operatives intend to disguise themselves as Tigers fans and blow up Comerica Park.

    9. DTW is really a dull place to wait, so increasing the threat level spices up those long layovers...


  2. 8. Rumor has it that a gang of thugs on motorcycles is going to.... Oops, false alarm - that's the mayor and his bodyguards.


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