Thursday, May 19, 2005

Justice in Rural America

Okay, so perhaps that was too obvious... but I do think that the story of Della Mae Justice is worth reading.


  1. Why? It's a relatively well written and mildly entertaining tale, but it contains nothing new or original. Class matters and it takes more than money to make up the difference. It would be interesting to get more of a feel for how the locals treat her and her husband. I wonder how much of her "not fitting in" is just in her head. Sort of the whole, "even the in-crowd teenagers suffer from teen angst."


  2. Hey - I can't promise that everybody will find a particular piece interesting.

    Recalling how comfortable you were with our law school peers, though, hanging out under a big oak tree and sharing memories of the Ivy League, I can see why you would dismiss notions of "not fitting in". ;-)

  3. Hey, CWD! Drop me a line.

    I thought the article was pretty clear that most of the not-fitting-in is in her head. But isn't that part of the point, that part of having a 'lower class' upbringing is to feel uncomfortable and ashamed of that upbringing?


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