Thursday, May 12, 2005

Changes in Terminology

In my school days, if "SOL Man" came to school to help the teachers, that would have presumably been as a cautionary tale to help us avoid vagrancy. And the teachers would probably have picked a name for him other than "SOL Man", and probably would not have had us create "SOL" hats in art class. How times have changed - now SOL Man shows up "in superhero garb that included a red cape and a lightning bolt across his chest."
As the students left the rally, the teachers and SOL man led them in a final cheer: "SOLs, who's going to pass? Every single student in every single class!"
The reference is to the carefully chosen acronym for Virginia's "Standards of Learning" test.... It is good to hear that teachers are explaining to students that even if they do poorly on the SOL's they won't be SOL, er, I mean, held back.

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