Friday, March 11, 2005

Customer Service

Sometimes people complain about "what's happened to customer service these days". I'm mostly wondering about the past month, where... well, customer service disasters have been the norm as opposed to the exception.

The latest fun time has been with my web host, which apparently decided to block Googlebots - that is, the programs Google runs to accumulate data for its directory, or to place contextual advertising for its AdSense clients. This is somewhat akin to a large office building taking down its directory so people can't find your office, and then instructing its security guard to tell anybody wearing a suit to "go away". Not good for business. And while the landlord might argue that turning away a large percentage of your visitors saves wear and tear on the elevator and carpet in public areas, that would be why you pay rent.

In this case, upon inquiry, the host didn't attempt to explain the decision - perhaps a wise use of silence under the circumstances - and responded that its routers now permit Googlebots to access hosted pages and servers.

Yes, this is the same host which replied to a "reboot" request last month by presenting me with a reformatted hard drive.

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