Monday, March 21, 2005

Celebrity Impersonations

Cousin Ella, seen here her with slightly older cousin Emma, has already mastered the art of the celebrity impersonation. Here she is doing her impression of Charles Laughton as Quasimodo:


  1. Times like this make me appreciate the relative internet illiteracy of most of my family members...coupled with a lack of interest in all things intelligent or philisophical.

    Now, if we had a blog about Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, my sisters would visit every day.

    - Wifey

  2. Did I mention how grateful I am for the rescue from a life filled with US Magazine and Gap jeans?? Oh, wonderful one. How I love my fairytale existence in Ann Arbor. Recycling bins and non-Starbucks coffee houses add to my days filled with wine and roses.

    MeAgain. Hoping if I pretend to be busy online, the baby's diaper will magically change itself.


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