Sunday, February 20, 2005

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

David Brooks announced yesterday that people are going to get tired of our nation's political leaders, and something new will happen:
Before too long, some new sort of leader is going to arise, especially if we fail to reform Social Security this year. He's going to rail against a country that cannot control its appetites. He's going to rail against Republicans who promise to be virtuous - but not just yet. He's going to slam Democrats who loudly jeer at Republican deficits but whose own entitlement proposals would make the situation twice as bad. He's going to crusade against the interest groups who are so ferocious on behalf of their members that they sacrifice the future.
That's right, folks. Before too long a "new" leader will arise, and will channel all of Ronald Reagan's sound bites from 1980.


  1. Aaron,

    Is Brooks kind of a love/hate figure for you? I know that I've got a few in the "MSM" - David Corn being one of them; someone whom, despite evident, strong differences of opinion, I find to be quite likeable, known to throw out some credible arguments, etc.

    By contrast, with respect to people I'd put on my "shit list" - Robert Fisk, John Pilger, etc. - I don't feel much motivation to undertake extended critiques of their work. In other words, there's a certain level of respect entailed in regularly taking a writer/thinker to task.

  2. Heh. No. While I credit that Brooks is a writer, I don't believe he's much of a thinker. I just happen to review the capsule summaries on the NYT editorial webpage, and as a result his eccentricities of logic sometimes catch my eye. Besides, if I didn't give regular coverage to the type of columnist who gives meaning to the name of my website, would I be doing my job? ;-)

    Given how much I get on the guy's case, though, I should have given a nod, though, to a column he wrote a while back which was actually pretty amusing.

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