Wednesday, January 05, 2005

With Age Comes Wisdom

A couple of weeks ago, I recounted some thoughts from a visitor to this blog:
A visitor to the blog sent a note to remind me that, in any Republican proposal for Social Security "reform", the core of the reform effort has been at a minimum to reduce benefits, if not to undermine or eliminate the program (and that he's old enough to remember all of them).
Today, an aide to Karl Rove did us the favor of confessing that this, not "saving" Social Security, is in fact the Administration's goal:
Calling the effort "one of the most important conservative undertakings of modern times," Peter Wehner, the deputy to White House political director Karl Rove, says in the e-mail message that a battle over Social Security is winnable for the first time in six decades and could transform the political landscape.
If this is perceived as a possible last volley in what the Republicans see as a sixty year battle against Social Security, how can anyone pretend that the present initiative is about anything but destroying the foundations of that system?

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