Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This Is Sad....

A Bush supporter penned a blog entry for the Racine, WI "Journal Times", entitled "The vice president strikes back".
Cheney easily quoted facts and figures, names and situations, voting records and current trends with the ease that some of us quote "Simpsons" episodes. (Or "Star Wars" movies.)
Um... Leaving the fact-checking to others for the moment, the author expects us to be impressed that Cheney's abilities parallel her uncanny ability to quote "Star Wars"? So she is telling us that we should cast our votes for Senator Palpatine? (Does that put GW in the role of Darth Vader?)

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  1. It occurs to me that I should add a footnote for those too young, too old, too disinterested, or otherwise unable to recall the Star Wars movies. The first three films (parts IV - VI... don't ask) involve the battle between the benevolent "rebellion" and the evil "Empire". The evil head of the Empire was, prior to succumbing to pure evil, Senator Palpatine of the Galactic Senate. Darth Vader, (almost) purely evil in his own right, was Senator Palpatine's right hand man and public face.

    The first film involves our noble heroes destroying the "Death Star" (a planet-sized spaceship which could destroy a real planet with a single shot of its oversized gun), putting it to the Empire. The second film involves the Empire's retaliation against the noble rebels, hence "The Empire Strikes Back".

    Accordingly, either our author does not know the Star Wars films as well as she believes she does (despite analogizing her limited knowledge of those films to Cheney's grasp of fact), or she was placing Cheney in the role of Palpatine. Either way....


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