Friday, October 08, 2004

A Closing For Kerry

If you recall the Presidential debates eight years ago, you will recall the friendly presence of a President who was not angry and combative, who did not feel a need to continually insult his opponent. A President unafraid to admit his mistakes, but confident in his accomplishments. A President who was comfortable with his record, and had no need to be hostile and angry. Today, you have a President who is hostile and embittered, insulting and angry, because he knows his record cannot withstand scrutiny.


  1. Yes, well, of course that President of 8 years ago was getting office style blow jobs whenever he liked (great stress relievers) and isn't quite sure of the definition of "is." What a shame that you have noone better to fall back on!

  2. (Too embarrassed to attach your name to your 'thoughts'?)

  3. Dear Anonymous Hero,
    I watched the debate 8 years ago, and I didn't see the person you are referring to get a *single* blow job throughout the entire course of the debate. Did I miss something?

    And if you really want to hold onto his sexual habits as reason for not being hostile, embittered, insulting and angry, it is hardly our fault that Laura isn't giving it up enough.


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