Friday, July 09, 2004

Gaming Democracy

Local news from a California paper....
Michigan Republicans are helping gather signatures to place independent Ralph Nader on the presidential ballot in the battleground state, irritating Democrats who accuse the GOP of trying to pull votes away from candidate John Kerry.
Do they really think their candidate is so pathetic, he needs Nader in the race to even have a chance?


  1. No, they are just assholes in plain clothes.

  2. David Broder adds his two cents:

    When it comes to hypocrisy, however, the prize has to go to the Republicans. The only reason Nader is a threat to Kerry, Michigan GOP spokesman Matt Davis told me, is that his candidacy "browns one side of Kerry's waffles. Having Nader there clarifies the issues that Kerry tries to straddle, whether it be gay marriage or outsourcing of jobs."

    And that's why the Republicans collected signatures for Nader, I asked. "The motivation for our effort is to clarify the issues," he said.

    Won't it help President Bush? "Yes, but it will really help Michigan voters, and that is why we did it," Davis said.

    Could have fooled me.