Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Standing In Agreement

Twice in two days I've read this type of statement from "conservative" columnists a couple of times:
The radical Muslims who criticize our culture as degraded and demoralizing have new proof for their charges. Who is going to answer them?
Is the argument supposed to be that sexuality in U.S. culture "causes terrorism" - much the same as the Bush Administration's ad campaigns accusing kids who use drugs of supporting terrorism? Is the argument supposed to be that Islamic extremists are justified in attacking our culture, because it really is "that bad"? Is it supposed to be an argument that our women should wear burqas, and walk a step or two behind their husbands?

Seriously, though, I think I know what the message is - but its proponents are afraid to just come out and say it: When it comes to our nation's popular culture, they stand in agreement with the "radical Muslims".


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