Friday, February 20, 2004

Let Loose the Hounds of....

According to the oh-so-insightful Charles Krauthammer, the Democrats are attacking poor President Bush when all he's done is let loose one (extraordinarily hypocritical) Internet ad, and one critical speech.... They're "crying wolf" over "how the Republicans are preparing to go negative in the general election with a campaign of singular viciousness against John Kerry." Let's see what some of his colleagues have to say on the matter in their latest editorials....
  • Robert Novak insinuates that Kerry is lying when he says he didn't know Jane Fonda back in the days when he was an anti-war protester (while allied with an anti-war group "whose diatribes against flag and country are shocking from the distance of three decades").
  • Oliver North whines about being attacked by Kerry over his illegal activities in the Iran-Contra scandal. "He says he held me accountable? How? When? Where? Right, Ollie - we remember. You got off on a "technicality" after being convicted at trial. Rub it in, why don't you. (North also attacks Kerry's military service, claiming it was short, and lies about Kerry's testimony to Congress about the war....)
  • Jonah Goldberg depicts Kerry as a wimpy "liberal" who would be afraid to use force, and whose election would be welcomed by "Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar and their cronies.
  • Ross Mackenzie tells us that Kerry is a far-left "liberal" with an indefensible record and the inability to give a straight answer.
  • Paul Greenberg suggests that Kerry is waffling on the Iraq war, isn't willing to stand behind his record, and suggests that all of the Democratic candidates are lying when they say the White House described Hussein as an imminent threat
  • William F. Buckley Jr. hits Kerry with the backhand: "As for John Kerry, he can be trusted, never mind his cakewalks on army service, the Vietnam War, the national responsibility for deterring enemy activity, and a basic commitment to property rights."
  • David Limbaugh? The man's contempt for Kerry knows no focus.
Yup... Not one negative word. Thanks for tipping us off to that, Charles.


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