Sunday, August 11, 2013

Many Democrats, Such As....

Good old Maureen Dowd,
Many Democrats are hungry to make history again, and they see the first woman president as the natural successor to the first black president.
Got any names? Even one?

Not that she made the argument, but Dowd's assertion reminds me of the race-baiting argument that Democrats only voted for President Obama "because he's black". Now the notion is that, coming off of that "high", Democrats are going to vote for a woman because... she's a woman? Maybe I'm missing something, but wasn't Hillary Clinton a woman the last time she ran? Is there an official Democratic checklist that is out there somewhere? Are Democrats working their way through the Bill of Rights... "African Americans were enfranchised first, then women, and, aw shoot, you have to be 35 to be President and the next item on the list is an 18-year-old"? Why didn't Democrats rally to support Carol Moseley Braun's run in 2004 - she would have been a twofer!

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