Monday, June 18, 2012

What to Make of Romney....

It's "is he a liar or an idiot" time, once again....
Romney repeatedly refused to say whether he’d repeal Obama’s order to halt deportations of DREAM-eligible youth. He confirmed that he would not agree to even one dollar in new revenues in exchange for 10 dollars in spending cuts. And he again reiterated that his response to the crisis would be to cut government, in order to “ignite growth,” even though economists say that more austerity now would make the crisis worse.
I could conclude that he's a liar who thinks you (the non-wealthy person who is considering voting for him) is an idiot, but for now I'll just wonder... can it really be that David Brooks thinks of Romney as immeasurably superior to himself?1

I personally would have preferred that we had a functional Congress willing to pass a modest immigration reform bill endorsing concepts that were once championed by the last guy the Republicans ran for the White House, but... not going to happen. But can we get a better critique than, "The policy the President just lawfully created through an executive order, following the rough outline of an idea previously proposed by Republican rising star Marco Rubio and more modest than ideas previously endorsed by John McCain, should have been passed by Congress, and I'm so mad about it that I'm not going to say a single bad word about the actual policy or hint that it should be reversed." When it comes to politics, Romney's spine is remarkably elastic - he'll come down on both sides of every issue. When it comes to policy it's usually promises of magic tricks, with no specifics - or specifics that suggest he's inept.
1. No, I'm not going to let that one go. Here's another Brooks takedown by Freddie deBoer, courtesy of mythago. I will say, it's less that Brooks thinks Romney is superior to himself, and much more that he believes himself and Romney to be superior to pretty much everybody else - but still, he wants you to shut up, take in the lies, not question authority, and suggest that you have absolutely no right to be skeptical of a guy who may be the emptiest suit to ever run for the White House.

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