Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mitt Romney's VP Choice

Not Rubio, a guy who could easily overshadow Romney - and may not even want the job.

If she's up for it, I'm thinking he should consider Condoleezza Rice. She won't overshadow him, she has strong conservative credentials, the religious right will feel safe, she will be a welcome contrast to his stiffness (but not too much of a contrast), she will be capable in a debate against Biden, she is unlikely to make any huge mistakes, her closet seems to be pretty much empty of skeletons....

Update: Oops. Condi has made statements supporting the status quo on abortion rights, which makes her pro-choice, which in today's Republican world puts her outside of contention. Never mind that abortion rights are a sideshow issue - something of trivial relevance to the work of a President or Vice President, and something the Republican Party shows little interest in actually addressing, save perhaps by accident - the charlatans, opportunists and demagogues of the Republican Party have pushed it to center stage.


  1. Not that he has much leverage in terms of delegate count, but I suspect Ron Paul will be pushing his son Rand as VP. Picking Rand might be a rational move on Romney's part, since Rand Paul is a key tea partier.
    But I am usually wrong about everything. Even the time.

  2. You too? ;-)

    I'm half thinking that Romney will have to get somebody off of the B list. The A listers (or those thought of as A list candidates) would likely be reluctant to run if they think Romney is going to crash and burn. A candidate who isn't presently taken seriously as a national candidate may be willing to take that risk in order to push his name and face out to the nation. That puts somebody like Rand Paul into possible contention.


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