Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Most Exciting Superhero Since "Too Much Coffee Man"

I don't know how the concept ever occurred to them, but....
Movie star and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is developing a TV show and comic book with Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee.

The Austrian-born star told Entertainment Weekly that the project would be called The Governator.

A Squared Entertainment, which will help produce the show, said it would focus on a superhero living a double life as an ordinary family man.
By night he would be an "ordinary family man"... perhaps under a name like Harry Tasker. By day he would be a suit-wearing, pencil-pushing, bureaucratic hero who would occasionally get angry and attempt to bypass the legislature but otherwise not solve even one difficult problem.
"I will use my incredibly dull superpowered scissors to chop through this red tape. It's stuck. Why isn't my scissors working?"
In a menacing voice:
"You don't bring soda water to a tea party."

Perhaps he can enlist somebody like Michele Bachmann to play his sidekick, "Nutwing".


  1. Too bad Alan Grayson is in the wrong political party, as he has a very suitable name for becoming "Nutwing", and I would bet good money that may people refer to him by the associated comic book hero's first name, albeit as an epithet.

  2. It's such a transparently bad idea that I wonder if the coverage was supposed to be embargoed until today.

  3. The Governator is unstoppable?

    "In an interview, the 63-year-old said he wants to surprise fans who expected him to go back to the big screen, shifting to the virtual world with a superhero who gets things done without the constraints of laws or an often-intractable political system."

    Shifting from the real world to a virtual world where you don't have to deal with... to state the obvious, reality? Why not just call it "Last Action Hero"?

    “When you are a governor, you deal with keeping the beaches clean, making sure there's enough funding for the after-school programs and the lunch programs for the kids, and all of those kinds of things,” he said at the presentation. “As an action hero, you just have to save the world — that's it.”

    It's like campaigning - you can promise all sorts of magic. But this way you never actually have to deliver (or fail to deliver). So I guess we should be expecting a lot of cameos from the likes of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee....


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