Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can You Imagine Working For This Guy?

Imagine yourself as a staff member trying to keep Rep. Louie Gohmert on track.
I've been greatly concerned with the hypocrisy of this administration telling Israel, "Just let Palestinians build illegal settlements and take over areas that are not theirs. Just let 'em take over." And I thought, "How hypocritical for our U.S. administration to tell Israel, 'just let people take over areas of your country they're not authorized to takeover,' cause we would never allow that here in the U.S."

Which brings me to the only good thing about violent illegal alien drug smugglers taking over American soil: At least we're not hypocritical anymore when we tell Israel just to let people take over land that's not theirs. Because now this administration can say, "Look, Israel, we're doing it here. We're letting people take over American soil that they shouldn't. So you can do it, too."
You: [whisper, whisper, whisper]

Gohmert: (quietly) Really? The settlements are Israeli? Pushed onto Indian Reserv...what did you say? Reservations? And they weren't grateful for the reservations? But you're with me about illegal alien drug dealers, right...?

Now what? Perhaps:
You may have misheard part of what I just said.
With most politicians' gaffes, you can quip about their having to take their foot out of their mouth. But if it makes it harder for him to continue talking, maybe Gohmert is better of keeping it there.

Update: I didn't want to prematurely jump to conclusions, but with every new thing I learn about Gohmert a phrase ending "... as a sack of hammers" seems applicable:

Starting with the fact that corporations don't pay taxes on their gross revenues....

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