Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Big Part of How Medical Mistakes Become Malpractice Lawsuits

If recovery continues I suspect that this won't turn into a malpractice lawsuit, but the money quote comes at the end:
I notified the administration of the ER of the situation and was told that I would receive a call. No one has called in the past 8 days. An apology would have been nice.
Doctors, read up.


  1. Speaking of doctors, I see that Dr. Kirsch still hasn't come back. Lots of mouth, no money to put where it is. (And I thought doctors were supposed to be rich. ;-))

  2. I'll give Dr. Kirsch the benefit of the doubt, speculating that he's busy, tired, whatever, but I really wish he had been willing to follow up. It was not fun to write the post analyzing his ideas, and it would be interesting to see if he has a response.


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