Monday, February 08, 2010

"Come Into My Parlor...."

After his performance at a GOP event, President Obama seems to have taken a liking to engaging GOP members live on camera.
With the GOP united against the Democratic bill, Mr. Obama said Sunday he would ask Republicans "to put their ideas on the table." The half-day meeting will be Feb. 25 and broadcast live, the White House said.
What a choice. To show up with real ideas, face challenge on camera, and be asked to commit to ideas, proposals, and perhaps even votes on camera... or fail to show up and look like you're not serious about reform.

And who to send - who will strike the balance between knowing the subject, being able to stand up to some serious pressure, and not look obstreperous? Send unimportant people, or people who don't know the subject, and you look like you're not taking healthcare reform seriously. Send important people who do know the subject and they may not like the idea of sticking to blanket opposition that, at least at times, is likely to make them appear foolish.

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