Friday, November 27, 2009

As Much As The Next Guy....

Michael Gerson shares this gem:
I dislike media bias as much as the next conservative. But I don't believe that journalistic objectivity is a fraud. I was a journalist for a time, at a once-great, now-diminished newsmagazine. I've seen good men and women work according to a set of professional standards I respect -- standards that serve the public. Professional journalism is not like the buggy-whip industry, outdated by economic progress, to be mourned but not missed. This profession has a social value that is currently not reflected in its market value.
Amazingly, Gerson's entire column lamenting the decline of journalism, concluding with the assertion that conservatives dislike media bias, fails to even mention Fox News.

More to the point, Gerson used to work for the Bush Administration whose contempt for the media seems fairly characterized as one of the many knives in the back of professional journalism. By way of example, has Gerson already forgotten Talon News and Jeff Gannon? Down the memory hole....

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