Friday, October 09, 2009

Aspirational Awards

You know, I was as surprised as the next guy about President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, but I'm not sure why some on the political right are so stunned by the idea of awarding a significant, although arguably unearned, prize to a President, in the hope that he'll do something to earn it after-the-fact.

After all, wasn't it the Supreme Court's award of the Presidency to George Bush that inspired him win the election in 2004?


  1. On a similar theme, even though I don't buy tickets, if I were awarded a lottery jackpot I would seriously consider starting. Maybe even once per month or so?

  2. 1) re: Bush - No, and I believe that the media's recount showed that he won. I will grant you that I didn't think much of the Court's analysis. (I will grant you that he couldn't have won "reelction" without first winning an election, but other than that . . . )

    2) I'm guessing you wouldn't.


  3. Posted as "humor", but your response highlights the truth behind the joke. The media did the recount because the Supreme Court stopped the actual recount and effectively awarded the state to Bush. As for who "won" according to the media, that depends upon which news outlet you ask and which recount method they applied.

    As for point #2, Shhhhhh. ;-)


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