Friday, April 17, 2009

The First Amendment... According to Pat Buchanan

Apparently I've been misreading it?
Congress shall make no law impacting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, as long as the religion is Catholicism.....
Buchanan rants,
Consider. In every referendum in 16 states, where homosexual marriage has been on the ballot, majorities ranging from 52 to 86 percent have voted to outlaw it as an absurdity and an abomination.
I'm sure that was the exact ballot language. And I wouldn't be surprised if Buchanan feels the same way about civil rights rulings and anti-miscegenation laws.
For five decades, Americans resisted Godless Communism. If they come to realize they did so to save Godless Capitalism, or Godless Socialism, what happens to loyalty and love of country?
The answer, at least to Pat Bucahanan, seems to be blowing in the wind.

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  1. Oh dear. Has anyone told him that it's legal for a divorced Catholic to marry a Hindu? He seems to be under the impression that Church law and civil marriage law are identical.


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