Saturday, October 11, 2008

You Gotta Watch Out For... Talking Dolls

Have you heard about the talking doll whose short, pre-recorded stream of babble has been represented to include both pro-Islamic and pro-Satanic messages? If you made up this story, you would no doubt be accused of "elitism" and insulting the intelligence of the very people who are insisting that these "messages" are real.

What we are seeing, of course, is how impressionable the mind is, and how easy it can be to "hear" something in babble or nonsense syllables once you are told it is there. As well as how religious (and other) symbols, combined with fear, can make people... dare I say, irrational.

Read more here, along with links to videos and audio samples, and examples of other dolls that supposedly said horrible things.

Addendum: This is an amusing comparison.

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  1. I thought the doll was describing the person complaining about the recording: "This one isn't bright".


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