Friday, May 30, 2008

Beyond Parody

Many years ago, on a Canadian News Show (the National / Journal), the latter portion of the show often included a brief moment of political parody. One I recall occurred after Brian Mulroney was elected as Prime Minister. A woman, in operatic style, sang a song effusively praising him ("Brian Mulroney is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful / He'll fix what's the matter, and walk on the water / He's wonderful") and summarizing his campaign promises:
He'll cut taxes for farmers and fishers and loggers,
And lower the interest,
And increase the dollar,
Give loans to build ships,
And more jobs for the kids,
And get bigger grain sales,
And restore VIA Rail,
And expend more on health and the fighting of crime....

And he'll lower the deficit at the same time!
Which brings us, of course, to John McCain: He'll fix what's the matter and walk on the water.

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